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Frequently Asked Questions & Studio Policies

These policies of are designed to promote an organized, professional studio and to create a positive, happy, healthy and safe learning environment for our students.  We are so honored that you have entrusted us with your child and we will do everything in our power to create a wonderful year of learning, growing, and dance education.  We will do so by upholding the values of commitment, integrity, leadership, hard work and a positive attitude.  The policies below are for all  students, however our Performance, Competitive and Elite level Company students have additional commitments and expectations.  This information can be found in the Dance Company Handbook provided to all Company families in August.  By following these policies, you will help create the best experience possible for your dance and all of our dance families.  If you have any questions about our policies, please email the studio at



Studio 2101's 2023-2024 season begins Monday, August 21, 2023 and continues through our Showcase production which will be held in May 2024.  Tuition payments are calculated per season.  Tuition payments may be paid in full for the season or split into 9 equal installment payments (see below for additional information on tuition rates).  Tuition and all other fees for any season at Studio 2101, including Registration Fees, Costume payments, Competition fees, Intensives, Workshops, Master Class fees, etc., are NON-REFUNDABLE once paid.  Absolutely NO Refunds will be given for any reason.  

2023-2024 Tuition Rates:

​Registration for the 2023-2024 season  may be completed ONLINE or in person at the studio during office hours.  You can access the registration portal here:  Payment of the Annual Registration Fee and either the full tuition for the season or the first tuition installment is required to confirm your child's place in a class. 

Annual Registration Fee:

First Child:  $60.00

Second Child:  $30.00

Third Child:  $10.00

Additional Children:  $0.00

​Season Tuition Rates:
Bitty Ballet 30 minute class:  $400.00  (split into 10 installments of $40.00 each)

Preschool 45 minute class:  $500.00  (split into 10 installments of $50.00 each)

45 minute class:  $580.00  (split into 10 installments of $58.00 each)
60 minute class:  $600.00  (split into 10 installments of $60.00 each)

Families who choose to pay for the entire season upfront will receive a 10% discount.  Annual tuition payments must be made during Registration.  Please contact our office team at if you wish to take advantage of this discount before completing payment on your registration so we can apply this discount to your account.

Multi-Class Discount (per student):
1st class - no discount
2nd class - 25% discount
Each additional class - 50% discount

Unlimited Class Option (per student):  $200 per month
Unlimited Class Option + Acro (per student):  $215 per month

Sibling Discount:  Receive 20% off when 2 or more immediate family members are enrolled in the same season.

Option 1 – PAID IN FULL: 10% savings.  All upfront tuition payments must be made during Registration.  Please contact the studio via email prior to completing registration to take advantage of this discount.

Option 2 – AUTOMATIC MONTHLY PAYMENT:  For the convenience of our families who prefer an automatic monthly payment, Studio 2101 offers an auto-draft option.  This can be set up through the Online Portal and will be drafted on the 27th of each month following registration through April 27th, 2024.  Annual Registration Fee and the first Tuition installment must be paid before Auto-Draft can be established.  A valid debit/credit card must be provided at the time of registration.  A convenience fee will be assessed.  

Option 3 - MONTHLY INSTALLMENT PAYMENT:  Monthly installment payments are due on the 27th of each month.  Payments can be made by Debit/Credit Card through the Online Portal or in the studio office with Cash, Check, or Debit/Credit Card.  If payment is made with a Debit/Credit Card, a convenience fee will be assessed.

Late Fee:  A $35 Late Fee will be assessed after the 27th of the Month.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

​Returned Checks:  A $35 Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) fee will be assessed for any returned checks.  After 2 returned checks on the account we will require payment by cash, money order, cashier's check or credit/debit card.​


Dance is a sport and, just like any other athletic activity, requires staying active and in shape to maximize learning, develop strong technique and minimize injury.  Attendance will be taken every day, in every class.  All students are expected to attend class consistently when possible. Consistency in attendance is important to give our students every opportunity for growth during the season.  Instilling these principles in our students will benefit them in learning and progressing with their technique and skill levels.  If a student is going to miss a class we ask that parents email the studio office at so that we may notify the teacher prior to the class.

Missed Classes/Make-Up Classes:  Families can choose to schedule a make-up class for their student if they are absent due to illness and have provided a doctors excuse.  Please email our Office Staff at and we will work with you to schedule an appropriate make-up class for your child.

Arrival/Dismissal:  An adult should accompany dancers inside the building and remain with dancer until the student has been checked in with our office staff and their instructor/class apprentice.  Students will not be dismissed at the end of class without an adult present inside the building.  Please do all you can to make sure your dancer is on time for class as this helps all of our students stay focused and classes to run on time!  Please also be on time to pick up your child.  Consistent late pick up of dancers will accrue a $5.00 per 5-minute fee. 

Withdrawal Policy - Families must notify Studio 2101 in writing via email to in order to drop/change or withdraw from a class.  Tuition and all other fees for any season at Studio 2101, including Registration Fees, Costume payments, Competition fees, Master Class fees, etc., are NON-REFUNDABLE once paid.  Absolutely NO Refunds will be given for any reason.  Failure to submit notification in writing via email will result in a continuance of tuition billing until we are notified of your withdrawal.  If tuition remains unpaid, we reserve the right to forward your bill to collections.  If you wish to drop a class, you must submit your request before the 15th of the month to avoid next month’s tuition.

For specific situations where extenuating circumstances exist, please contact the Office Staff via email at to arrange a private meeting to discuss.


Cell Phone

Absolutely NO Cell Phones are allowed in the studio.  Cell Phones that are brought by students into the studio must be put on silent and immediately left with the Studio 2101's Front Desk personnel in the provided box.  


Students who are found to have cell phones in the studio dressing room, bathroom, or dance areas will be warned the first time this rule is not followed.  After that, the cell phone will be taken by the teacher and will be kept until a parent comes to retrieve.


If you as parents have an emergency during the time your students are in class and need to get a message to your student, please contact Studio 2101 at (864) 529-9953.

Cell Phone



Studio 2101 will be closed to observe the following Holidays during the remainder of the 2023-2024 Season. 

  • Labor Day - September 4, 2023

  • Thanksgiving - November 20-24 2023

  • Christmas - December 20, 2023 - January 3, 2024 (classes resume January 4, 2024)

  • Spring Break - April 1-5, 2024

Inclement Weather

Studio 2101 most often follows the school closings for District 6 in Spartanburg County.  There are some exceptions to this.  All Closings and Adjustments to the normal class schedule will be posted on our Facebook and Instagram sites, and communicated via Email and Text through the Online Portal.  Please be sure your contact information remains up to date in the Online Portal so you will receive important notifications throughout the season.

Inclement Weather

Showcase Production

The 2023-2024 Showcase will be presented in May 2024. This end-of-season Showcase offers our students the opportunity to perform in a professionally directed production as the results of a year’s hard work, dedication, and progress.  

The Showcase Fee for the 2023-2024 season will be $125 - split into two installment payments:  
Payment 1 due November 10th - $62.50
Payment 2 due February 16th - $62.50

The Showcase Fee will include two complimentary general admission tickets, a Showcase T-Shirt for your dancer, a Showcase Program Book, a Digital Copy of the Showcase Video, and helps to cover the venue rental, sound, lighting, and security expenses related to the production.  

ALL FEES paid to the studio are NON-REFUNDABLE!  There are no exceptions.  This includes, but is not limited to, Tuition Installment Payments, Convention Fees, Competition Fees, Costume Fees, Company Fees, Master Class Fees, Etc.  Costumes become the sole property of the studio for any student who withdraws at any point during the season.  

Spring Production

Costumes / Choreography


Costume fees for recreational level students must be paid no later than October 13, 2023.  This fee is nonrefundable.  ​Failure to pay this fee on time may result in the delay of a costume being ordered.  

Costume fees for each class can be found under Class Descriptions in the Online Portal.  

Costumes will be distributed during Observation Week in the Spring.  A Parent/Guardian must sign off on the fit of the costume.  Once the costume leaves the studio, we are unable to do an exchange.  

ALL FEES paid to the studio are NON-REFUNDABLE!  There are no exceptions.  This includes, but is not limited to, Tuition Installment Payments, Convention Fees, Competition Fees, Costume Fees, Company Fees, Master Class Fees, Etc.  Costumes become the sole property of the studio for any student who withdraws at any point during the season.  

Choreography is the sole intellectual property of Studio 2101 and may not be performed, shared, reproduced or sold by any students, parents or staff without written permission of the Studio Owner/Director.

Snacks and Waters


Outside Food or Drink will only be allowed in the studio lobby.  Please help keep our studio looking great by discarding all food and beverages in the garbage when finished.  No food of any kind is allowed in any of the dance studios.  Water is the only beverage permitted provided it is in a tight sealed container. 

Fashion is a wonderful avenue for artistic expression!  The way a dancer dresses to attend classes reflect upon the studio and the dancers themselves.  Research shows that the dance environment, which involves costumes, mirrors and the increased marketing of provocative clothing and costumes for youth, has caused many children to compare their bodies to others and to develop feelings of shame.  Dance can and should teach our children body confidence.  As a Y.P.A.D. certified studio, we must set boundaries with explanations for our children regarding self-expression through clothing that does not discourage but empowers them to choose clothes that say:  “I respect my body and myself.”


Dress Code & Shoe requirements are listed in the Class Description & Requirements in the class listings on the Online Portal.  Students must observe dress code requirements listed.  A verbal warning for improper attire will be issued on the first offense. For additional offenses, students will not be allowed to participate in class, resulting in an unexcused absence.

No jewelry allowed.  Only simple small stud earrings may be worn if necessary.  

No sports bras or crop tops allowed.  

Absolutely NO gum allowed. 

Hair must be pulled away from the face and off the neck.

Dress Code

Dress Code

Observation Weeks

We know you love watching your dancer in class… and we love having you in the studio.  However, we require that you only attend your student’s classes during designated Observation days and times.  


Young students are encouraged to engage with their instructors and classmates in order to become confident and independent in the classroom with as few distractions as possible.  Families are not allowed in the studio dance rooms during classes.  We have a wonderful lobby for families to wait in, complete with TV monitors displaying live video of what is happening in each of our studio spaces.  Families are free to run errands while your student is in class, but please make sure your cell phone number is updated in the Online Portal to ensure that we can get a hold of you if we need to.

Observation Weeks will be held each semester.  Emails will be sent weeks in advance to notify families of Observation dates.

Parent Observation

Good communication between parents, dancers, and faculty is crucial to the success of our studio.  We are here to help and listen and we strive to do our best to keep everyone updated and informed. Please take the following into consideration when needing to know information.

Studio 2101 sends primary communications via EMAIL. We do not sell email addresses nor allow spam messages to be sent.  When you register with Studio 2101, a online portal is created for you.  All account information, emails, and updates are sent through this online portal.  

Please be sure you have added to your address book/contacts.  Sometimes our emails go directly to your junk/spam folders if we are not in your contacts list.  And we don't want you to miss out on any important announcements that we send out!

Studio 2101 frequently posts updates to our WEBSITE (, our FACEBOOK ( and our INSTAGRAM ( Be sure to “like” us on Facebook and Instagram to stay in the know with the latest on what’s going on at the studio.

Please refer to the following methods to communicate with Studio 2101.

*Studio Phone/Text:  (864) 529-9953

*Studio E-mail:

Please know there are times we cannot respond immediately, but every effort will be made to respond within 24 hours to messages received.  

***Please do not contact teachers on their personal numbers, personal emails, and/or social media regarding studio matters as we strive to protect our instructor’s personal time as well as provide our customers professional & outstanding communication. Thank you!***



Zero-Tolerance Bullying Policy

Zero-Tolerance Bullying Policy

Studi o2101 believes in creating a safe environment for every student to learn.  Dance creates a place where students can put aside the troubles of the world.  It should be fun and challenging and we don’t want anything to stand in the way of that for our students.  That includes other students and parents.  If a student or parent feels that they are being singled out or ostracized in the studio, we have an open door policy to help resolve issues (see the 24-Hour Policy below).  We believe these issues typically stem from miscommunication and want to work to clear these issues quickly.  We will do what is necessary to maintain a zero bullying environment because we want our students to look forward to coming to dance as much as we do.


Students and parents are strongly discouraged from gossip, derogatory chatter and good old fashioned nonsense.  We will work to keep a positive atmosphere where students can thrive.  Violation of this policy may result in student dismissal.  We will not tolerate bullying in any way shape or form, including cyber bullying.

24-Hour Policy:  Parents are always welcome to schedule a meeting with the Studio Owner to discuss any concern that may arise throughout the season… however, there will be a 24-hour waiting period before any meeting will be scheduled.  If a situation comes up, parents are asked to wait 24 hours to reflect and be sure it is really something worth discussing.  We believe taking this time can really solve a lot of problems.  If after 24 hours the Parent still feels they need to schedule a time to talk, they can email the studio to schedule the meeting time.  At the meeting, we will sit down and speak candidly and work through the situation together.

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